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Saturday Jul 26 7:00 PM on PINK FLOYD GARDEN STAGE

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Josh Read, Justin Jones and Justin Hoben are each successful songwriters and artists from Washington, D.C. Together they are The Deadmen; a singular rock and roll band quickly transcending the sum of its parts.

“I think we all have quite different writing styles, different ways of chewing the bone,” says Read. Although all three friends call the nation’s capital home and cut their teeth on the same DC stages, they come from uniquely different backgrounds. Whereas Jones and Hoben are originally from rural Virginia and New England respectively, Read hails from South Africa. “No matter how close circumstance seems, we’re all going through different things,” continues Read. This unique mix of backgrounds and experiences reflects their differing writing styles.

Having recorded and performed as John Bustine, Hoben’s stark indie-‐folk is markedly different from Jones’ soulful rock or the soaring anthems Read creates with Revival. And yet the three compliment each other to stunning affect, painting an American landscape of clattering thunder, gentle rains and shards of light.

“We’ve all known each other long enough that I don’t think anyone is worried about stepping on anyone else’s toes,“ says Hoben. “It’s kind of fun and challenging to find things to add to their songs that fit with them as songwriters and The Deadmen as a group.”

Recently wrapping up a North American tour in support of his acclaimed album Fading Light, Jones is eager to jump head first into The Deadmen. “I’m a big fan of Josh and Hoben,” says Jones. “We’re buddies. It’s exciting for me to play side-‐man to their tunes.”

Adds Read, “I feel we’re all aware that what someone else knows, benefits the group. And there’s no ego issue with running through all options.”

The debut EP from The Deadmen is set for release. Joined by John Hutchins (Army of Me) on bass and Miles Nasta on drums, a full-‐length record is due in 2014. “We have more than enough material,” says Hoben. “We’ll be bringing the music to the people, one way or another.”



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